STL/FWI Convoy (30/09/12) [OVER]

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STL/FWI Convoy (30/09/12) [OVER] Empty STL/FWI Convoy (30/09/12) [OVER]

Post  [STL]Ivan on Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:50 pm

FWI - STL Convoy

STL/FWI Convoy (30/09/12) [OVER] FWI-STL_zps6f04d33f

hai fellows! Wink

Convoy Information: Convoy is going to be leaded by STL

Date: 30/09/12
Time: 19:00 GMT+1
Countdown: Countdown till Start!
Meeting Place: STL Base
Vehicle: Truck + Box Trailer

Additional notes:

1. Follow this rules ( );
2. Follow this rules ( );
3. Password from the Convoy will be given in Channel or PM (Private Message);
4. Only FWI and STL members allowed in the convoy.

PS: Breaking any rules will lead to being expelled from the event!

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